The platform is full of tips, in-jokes, insights and some great mini-recitals, perfect for demystifying the music world. Our critic even learns how to play the violin hook to Britney Spears’ Toxic

You might not think TikTok lends itself to the best of classical music and opera. After all, no classical fan ever said: “What I really want is something recorded on a phone that lasts no more than 59 seconds and repeats itself immediately.” But TikTok does have something to offer – mainly to the intimidated potential listener who wants the music world to be demystified, or a music student who needs to be kicked back into the practice room.

Most orchestras, opera companies and venues around the world haven’t yet worked out what to do with TikTok, or have decided to ignore it and hope it goes away, but there are a few major organisations who get it. They come across as being serious about welcoming new audiences, especially younger ones.

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