Every Wednesday, Robert Lee Brewer shares a prompt and an example poem to get things started on the Poetic Asides blog. This week, write a caveat poem.

In case you missed it, I announced that we’ll be starting up the 14th annual November PAD Chapbook Challenge in about a month. Click here to read the guidelines.

For today’s prompt, write a caveat poem. So what is a caveat? It’s a warning of specific stipulations, conditions, or limitations. Think of a caveat as the small print in a contract or special offer. As an example, I might promise my kids we’d go to the park when they were younger…with the caveat that everyone finishes their homework first.

Remember: These prompts are springboards to creativity. Use them to expand your possibilities, not limit them.

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Here’s my attempt at a Caveat Poem:

“you can look,” by Robert Lee Brewer

but don’t touch
or think
or talk
or feel
free to conceal
what you think
or wish to say

we’ll fill in the blanks
if you look
& say what it means
when we analyze
the analytics
point by point
& clicks 
without touching
thinking or feeling

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