Doors may be open again, but some theatres remain inaccessible for disabled audiences. Online performances have helped – but many have already stopped streaming

Going to the theatre in a pre-pandemic world, my first question was always whether I could use the toilets. With so many of the UK’s theatres dating back decades, or centuries, even the disabled toilets are often tucked into tiny, pokey spaces that could be fine for a small manual wheelchair, but not my assistant and bulky powerchair. Even disabled loos can be inaccessible for the disabled.

Like going anywhere with a wheelchair, a trip to the theatre requires ridiculous planning. Just booking a seat is often a challenge. Most theatres still don’t allow you to buy wheelchair tickets online, and good luck trying to find out if an assistant goes free. But what has stopped me – and many other disabled or chronically ill people – from regularly going to the theatre is simply a lack of energy. By the end of a working day, I was often too exhausted and sore to spend more hours in my chair.

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