This week, we’re excited to announce five new WDU courses, a new webinar, and more!

There’s always so much happening in the Writer’s Digest universe that even staff members have trouble keeping up. As a result, we decided to start collecting what’s on the horizon to make it easier for everyone to know what’s happening and when.

This week, we’re excited to announce five new WDU courses, a new webinar, and more!


Five Online Writing Courses Start This Week!

Sell Books on a Shoestring Budget

It’s possible to sell a lot of books—even on a shoestring budget. Like any author, you want to sell enough books to entertain or educate a lot of readers. You want to make enough money to write another book, maybe pay off some bills or take an extra vacation. Let one of the most accomplished book marketing experts in the industry show you the way. When you know what to do and how to do it right, then you become the hero of your own author story! 

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Build Your Novel Scene by Scene

Build Your Novel Scene by Scene will offer you the impetus, the guidance, the support, and the deadline you need to finally stop talking, start writing, and, ultimately, complete that novel you always said you wanted to write.

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Query Letter in 14 Days

When you enroll in this online course, you’ll learn the details of the query letter format and how to write a query letter that catches the attention of agents and publishers.

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Writing the Memoir 101

The goal of this course is to teach you how to structure your stories, develop your storytelling skills, and give you the tips, techniques, and knowledge to adapt your own life stories into a chronological memoir. Learn more about the genre through Writing and Selling Your Memoir by Paula Balzer and The Truth of Memoir by Kerry Cohen.

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Read Like a Writer: Learn from the Masters

This course will demonstrate that the best way to become a good writer is to study the writing of others, especially the work of the masters. Because there are no hard-and-fast rules to writing, it’s important to study what other writers have done and how they consciously make narrative decisions and meticulously select details based on audience and purpose.

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A Webinar on the Middle Grade Novel is Available This Week!

Middle Grade 101: Everything You Need to Know to Write, Sell and Succeed

The middle-grade market is thriving and yet it is more competitive than ever. Agents and editors are overwhelmed by submissions and, with publishers cutting back their lists, it’s getting even harder to break in. During this live webinar, you will learn how to craft middle-grade novels, graphic novels, and nonfiction that will capture the attention of agents, editors, librarians, and tweens. You will learn what they are looking for, how to write it, and how to successfully find it a home.

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Submissions for Your Story #114 Are Now Open!

Write the opening line to a story based on the photo prompt. (One sentence only.) You can be poignant, funny, witty, etc.; it is, after all, your story.

Email your submission to with the subject line “Your Story 114.”

Deadline to submit is November 1, 2021. Click here for the photo prompt and more information.


The Annual Writing Competition Submissions Are Now Open!

Writer’s Digest has been shining a spotlight on up and coming writers in all genres through its Annual Writing Competition for over 90 years. Enter our 91st Annual Writing Competition for your chance to win and have your work be seen by editors and agents! Almost 500 winners will be chosen.


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