The actor stars alongside Stephen Graham as a chef on the edge in one-take restaurant drama Boiling Point

When the actor Vinette Robinson was in her early 20s, she did a trial shift as a waitress at an Italian chain restaurant in central London. She hated it so much that she walked out before the end. “The shouting, the rude customers,” she shudders. “Halfway through the shift I was, like: ‘Get me out of here!’”

Just under two years ago, Robinson – best known for her roles in Sherlock, where she was police sergeant Sally Donovan, and in Doctor Who, in which she played Rosa Parks – was thrown in the deep end once more in an east London kitchen. Admittedly, this time the restaurant was doubling as a film set, with Robinson playing Carly, no-nonsense sous chef to Stephen Graham’s Andy, the alcoholic head chef. But still, the atmosphere made her sweat.

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