Banter. Grit. An ex-Line of Duty star sweating her topknot off. Forty-five minutes of this detective drama and you’ll be fairly confident you can disarm a nail bomb

It’s a set-piece, sarge. Through the tunnels of London. Scottish bloke on the walkie-talkie. Code words. ETAs. Vicky McClure. You know where you are with Vicky McClure. Short back and sides, no messing around. Classic haircut for a reason. Yeah she’ll have a topknot with it, why not. You wanna say something? Me and all the boys can’t hear you. You wanna say something? About Vicky McClure’s topknot? Thought not.

Council block, sarge. Road block. I’ll give you the rundown on Trigger Point (starting Sunday): ITV has overspent on getting the two main actors in, so everyone around them just isn’t quite as good. Adrian Lester’s here, look. Good bloke. Family bloke. Complicated handshake. All right, enough fannying around, yeah? Suit up. We’ve got a bomb to dispose of.

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