Steve Coogan, Sharlene Whyte and Frank Cottrell-Boyce on their depiction of how Doreen and Neville Lawrence pursued justice for their son’s racist killing with veteran detective Clive Driscoll

Sharlene Whyte doesn’t just remember the racist murder of Stephen Lawrence in 1993. When the 18-year-old was fatally stabbed while waiting for a bus in south-east London, it was “one of the defining moments” of her teenage years.

“Now I have a son who’s 17,” says the actor, “and every time he goes out, I have fears for him in terms of safety on the streets and the attitude of some police. It would have amazed me to think, at the time Stephen Lawrence was killed, that, nearly 30 years later, the same issues would still exist. It’s better, but there are still big problems.”

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