The actor and new artistic director of Tamasha theatre company, dedicated to stories from the global majority, talks about her campaign to change the industry

Pooja Ghai struggled to find her footing as a professional actor at first. It was the early 1990s and she wasn’t given many auditions. When parts were offered, they were limited to older Indian aunties or grandmothers. “My first role on television was on Holby City playing a 60-year-old woman. I was 23,” says Ghai.

Then she discovered Tamasha theatre company, set up in 1989 by Kristine Landon-Smith and Sudha Bhuchar, and everything changed. Originally offering opportunities to south Asian artists (the company has since broadened its reach to all global majority artists), Tamasha instantly felt like a home, says Ghai, now an award-winning director as well as an actor.

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