For this week’s market spotlight, we look at The Lane Report, the business publication of Kentucky.

The Lane Report is published 10 times per year and covers business stories in Kentucky. Established in 1985, the magazine’s content is crafted by in-house staff and roughly 60% by freelancers.

What They’re Looking For

There are three main sections of the magazine that freelancers can pitch:

Fast Lane Briefs (100-400 words): Recent Kentucky business news and trends and how they might shape the future.Entrepreneurs (750-1,400 words): Profile of a particularly interesting member of the Kentucky business community.Features (750-3,000 words): Major trends shaping the state; noteworthy business and best practices; stories with sweeping implications across industry sectors and state regions.

(Texas Monthly: Market Spotlight.)

The editors say they, “are interested in well-written, insightful stories that shed light on the way business works in Kentucky. The magazine also highlights partnerships and collaboration between the business world and schools, universities, and other public institutions. We particularly look for stories that illustrate notable trends within Kentucky’s economy and business community. We also keep an eye out for quirky, dynamic business people who are innovating and changing the way business is done in Kentucky.”

How to Submit

Potential writers can send a query outlining their proposal and story to Editorial Director Mark Green by email ( or post (The Lane Report, 465 East High St. STE124, Lexington KY 40507).

The editors say, “Provide a clear understanding of the angle and a sense of the tone your piece would take. Show us your key interviews and research sources. Please include a resume and two to three representative clips of your previous work.”

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In this workshop, you will work with a published article writer to develop, research and write two articles suitable for publication in magazines you’ve identified as appropriate markets. You will get feedback from your instructor on your first and second draft of both your articles.

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