The one-man A-Team is back on TV … except this time she’s a woman vigilante, defying a clunky script to tackle shady villains and deliver justice for those in need

First The Equalizer was Edward Woodward. He equalised things on television from 1985 to 1989 – a one-man A-Team without the van. Then The Equalizer moved to film in the 10s and became Denzel Washington, who broke with tradition by being a person of colour and a person who could act. Now, it has moved back to television, with the singer turned actor Queen Latifah taking up the mantle in this new series, airing in the UK on Sky Witness.

Queen Latifah (who also executive produces) stars as Robyn McCall, a charity worker who has left her job to spend more time with her magnificently stroppy teenage daughter, Delilah (Laya DeLeon Hayes). At least, that is what she would have those around her believe. In fact, she is a disillusioned covert operative for the US government who has quit over ethical concerns about the illegal operations she has been required to carry out.

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