Continuing our series in which stars are quizzed by readers, we want your posers for the actor best known as Prince Charles in the Netflix series

There are few young (or youngish – he turned 30 in lockdown) actors everyone would tip for extraordinary things. Josh O’Connor is one of them. He’s one of the most natural, chameleonic and plain likable talents around; already much acclaimed for his work, but also someone we’ll surely still be speaking of in 50 years’ time.

O’Connor’s breakthrough was as a gruff sheep farmer who falls in love with a Romanian immigrant in Francis Lee’s debut, God’s Own Country. It was an astonishing performance: physical, immersive (his commitment to research involved birthing 150 lambs) and deeply moving. He and Lee are shortly to reteam for a queer horror film focused on class “about a sad young man alone in an epic wilderness”; their love and admiration for each another is one of the most cheering things on Twitter today.

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