In a short series for the festive season, Guardian writers reveal the most memorable books they have been given for Christmas. Alison Flood kicks off, revealing how Kaye Webb’s I Like This Poem introduced her to the joys of poetry

Please share your most memorable gift books below and we will publish a selection later this week

I can’t remember if I was six or seven years old when my grandma gave me a book for Christmas which, I now realise, probably set the course for my life – an English literature degree, a job in literary journalism. The book was I Like This Poem, edited by the legendary Kaye Webb of Puffin, and it absolutely, entirely delighted me.

The genius of this poetry anthology for children – along with Webb’s incomparably appealing selection of poems – is the way it is divided into ages, starting with six and seven-year-olds, and the way each poem comes with an explanation from a real child about why they love it.

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