The second season of the bite-size absurdist sketch show took bizarre humour to a new high – and one viewing just wasn’t enough

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Here is the experience of watching comic Tim Robinson’s sketch show I Think You Should Leave: a breathless giggling fit, uncontrollable laughter and not quite being able to remember what you originally found so funny. After watching one of its skits, you were primed to laugh at anything and everything – often at the most inappropriate moments.

Landing on Netflix in 2019, Robinson’s first season was six episodes, running at around 15 minutes each. They were packed with so much absurdist humour that they had viewers coming back for rewatches to decipher the unfurling gags. The character “focus group man” even became a wildly popular meme, turning an eightysomething actor into the subject of endless gifs, thanks to a habit of relentlessly shouting absurd comments such as “Stinky!” across the reasonable suggestions of his fellow attendee Paul.

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