For this week’s market spotlight, we look at Texas Monthly, an Austin-based regional magazine focused on stories about Texas and Texans.

Texas Monthly is a monthly regional magazine based out of Austin that is focused on stories about Texas and Texans. Sections include News & Politics; The Culture (covers visual and performing arts, music, TV, film, dance, sports, poetry, books, and religion); Being Texan (stories about living in Texas); Style & Design; Food & Drink; BBQ; and Travel & Outdoors.

(Sierra Magazine: Market Spotlight.)

The editors say, “We love to tell stories through interesting characters. Our favorite topics include Texas politics and policy, business and entrepreneurship, the environment, energy, criminal justice, immigration, education, and race.”

Texas Monthly pays competitively and is a highly competitive market.

What They’re Looking For

Texas Monthly is a regional magazine, which means they look for stories of interest to Texans across the state. So national stories should have a Texas slant and local stories should be of interest to all Texans.

The editors say, “Consider how your story would appeal to a statewide audience. If your article is set in Beaumont, why should someone in El Paso be interested?”

How to Submit

Potential writers can pitch the following editors with a proposed headline, sketch of how they’d report and organize the story, and writing samples:

Kathy Blackwell ( for food, drink, style, design, travel, and BBQ storiesJosh Alvarez ( for arts & entertainment storiesJeff Salamon ( for book pitchesNews Room ( for news, politics, policy, and outdoors storiesJ.K. Nickell ( for any narrative feature story proposals that don’t fit the other categories

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In this workshop, you will work with a published article writer to develop, research and write two articles suitable for publication in magazines you’ve identified as appropriate markets. You will get feedback from your instructor on your first and second draft of both your articles.

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