From postpunk stationery to Harry Styles nail polish and a beach towel celebrating the woman who shot Andy Warhol … get your Christmas in gear with our guide to the hottest presents for your best art friend

Vintage Wagner throw
Want to snuggle up with Wagner? It’s not the usual response to the man whose name is synonymous with epic, monumental and (for many) impenetrable grand opera, but if tickets to Bayreuth are beyond your budget, this throw adorned with the German composer’s austere figure means that the Wagner-obsessive in your life can wear their heart on their sleeve, or at least their fanaticism on their futon. £50.21,

Sopranos cookbook
Become the capo of your kitchen and celebrate the rich culinary history of mobster cuisine with The Sopranos Family Cookbook: As Compiled by Artie Bucco. “What, no fucking ziti?” Wrong. There’s plenty of ziti (even Janice has chipped in with a vegetarian recipe). First published in 2002 but rediscovered over lockdown as people binged on the series again – Carmela’s sausage rigatoni is a particular triumph. £14.95,

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