She got gross-out laughs in Fresh Meat, died superbly in Call the Midwife – and now she’s back communing with spirits in Ghosts. Is Charlotte Ritchie getting too famous to buy her own leggings?

Charlotte Ritchie is video calling from her London flat, which she has shared with two friends for the past seven years. “How do I do this? Do I need to quit WhatsApp? OK! I’m here! I’m really sorry, I got my timings wrong,” she says, mildly flustered, having arrived barely a couple of minutes late. “I was very lazily putting on lunch, and then I thought it was later and … my bad.”

We only talk for an hour but it’s easy to see why her character George was adorned with a series of silly, effusive nicknames in the British comedy drama Feel Good: English rose; a little kidney bean; a Dangerous Mary Poppins. “The fit squirrel reference is good,” she adds. “And Dangerous Mary Poppins, I love that one!”

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