The Byrde family face an impossible challenge in this final series: help a cartel boss to walk away, or go the way of their many victims. Will they make it out alive?

Poor Janet McTeer. Not since the Pacific breeze blew Steve Buscemi’s ashes into the Dude’s beard in The Big Lebowski have a character’s remains been so disrespectfully treated. At the start of the fourth series of Ozark (Netflix), Wendy and Marty Byrde, like a pair of Lady Macbeths, are washing the remains of cartel lawyer Helen Pierce (McTeer) out of their clothes in the bathroom of Mexican drug lord Omar Navarro’s palatial compound.

At the end of series three, Navarro’s hitman offed Helen, because she was working an angle contrary to the cartel’s interest (trying to take over the Byrdes’ money-laundering casinos). “They blow her brains out two feet from us,” Wendy tells her children later. “We had to wash pieces out of our hair.”

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