The Fellini of failure’s return in BBC sitcom Toast of Tinseltown is a long-awaited chance to catch up with a televisual joy – who has more in common with most of us than we’d like to admit

Steven Toast is the Fellini of failure. He’s an actor who can empty a theatre faster than a teargas canister. He’s a more disastrous on-set presence than an Omicron outbreak. And – after six years – he brazenly swaggers back on to our screens this week, proving that it isn’t just a good man you can’t keep down.

BBC Two’s Toast of Tinseltown is an incredibly welcome return for one of the best comic creations of the last 10 years. Toast (Matt Berry) has relocated to Hollywood, following three series of Toast of London – which saw him tailspinning through demeaning bit parts, mortifying scandals and doomed auditions since its launch in 2013. Now, Toast believes he will finally get his due, and the great wrong of his omission from the acting pantheon will be righted.

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