After all the high-speed supercar chases and infiltrating of enemy bases, it’s refreshing to see the secret agent face a challenge closer to home. Even if it isn’t entirely realistic

• This article contains spoilers

First, as if you need to be told, there are spoilers here. If you haven’t watched No Time to Die, don’t read this. Reading this will ruin everything. Go away and do something else until you’ve seen the film. This is your final warning.

It had long been predicted that, in No Time to Die, James Bond would become a father. And it turns out the predictions were partially correct. Technically, Bond did become a father in No Time to Die, but it happened during the long five-year ellipsis that took place during the opening credits. Bond knocked up Madeleine Swann, then went through an extended period of pouty estrangement, and only clapped eyes on his daughter after their fraught reunion.

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