Park theatre, London
When a young woman questions her paternity, her family is put through agony, in this impactful play from Carey Crim

How do you repent an action that has ripped up someone’s life entirely? Carey Crim’s gut-wrenching play is a visceral interrogation of the lasting effects and consequences of rape. Weighty and forceful, it asks how life can continue after panoramic trauma.

The interracial lesbian couple, Allison (Flora Montgomery) and Nadine (Amanda Bright) have successfully given Allison’s 20-year-old daughter, Eleanor (Meaghan Martin), the happiest possible childhood. But, now she’s announced her desire to find her father, their attempts to navigate the difficulties of parenting are set to come unwound. Long protesting that Eleanor was a product of a one-night-stand, and her only sexual experience with a man, Allison is forced to acknowledge head-on the years of suffering she has secreted.

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