We asked our readers what they learned about themselves after participating in this year’s NaNoWriMo challenge. Here’s what they had to say.

On Instagram, we asked our readers to reflect on this year’s NaNoWriMo experience—what they learned and what they want to bring with them in their future writing endeavors.

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We wanted to share their thoughts here to help inspire writers to continue their drafts and other writing into 2022 and beyond!

What did you learn about yourself as a writer throughout NaNoWriMo? What will you take with you on your continued writing journey?


It’s fun to take a short story you wrote long ago and turn it into a novel.👍🏼📝


You’re capable more than you think. So once you start, take the pressure off and find the joy


It’s fun to be a novice- I learned to laugh at myself more and just keep writing… you can go back later to form your “clay” (that pep talk really spoke to me!) 😍


I learned how much I actually love fast drafting –it made me more excited to finish this draft, wanting to get the story down before going in and polishing, rather than polishing as I go and getting sick of it before I can finish.


I learned that I like writing so much I will wake up early for it!


I learned that I love writing! I love how the characters lead me through the story and showed me what should come next.


I learned that I can get a lot more written when schedule time to write and I don’t always have to be in the right headspace to write.


I always knew first drafts don’t have to be perfect, but that didn’t stop me from trying to keep my first draft perfect, and it took forever. I think I finally let go and let my first draft be a first draft, and I was able to get so much more done in a smaller time frame


What did you learn this year after NaNoWriMo? Share with us in the comments, and follow us on Instagram to see yourself featured on our WritersDigest.com!

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