No matter the show or the channel, you’re guaranteed a fiftysomething man asking the questions. Gary Lineker and Ian Wright give it their best shot – but Charles is a revelation

Picking a quizshow host is an unknowable alchemy. Who ever put Jasper Carrott forward for Golden Balls? How did Anne Robinson end up a panto villain on The Weakest Link? If you really pull back the curtain, it doesn’t make sense that Chris Tarrant ended up fronting Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? (though can you imagine anyone doing as good a job as he did now?). The throwback weirdness of Noel Edmonds, the showbiz-dazzled toughness of Danny Dyer, the primetime glam of Ben Shephard. And then, of course, the maestro, Bradley Walsh.

Yes, it’s late autumn, which means it’s time for quizzes. This week we have three new offerings: Ian Wright’s Moneyball (Saturday, 6.30pm, ITV); Gary Lineker’s Sitting on a Fortune (Sunday, 7pm, ITV); and Craig Charles’s Moneybags (Monday to Friday, 3pm, Channel 4). You can see how all quizshows blend into one another. It doesn’t matter what channel you are on: at some point, a man in his 50s is going to ask you about flags.

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