Amazon’s anthology show, based on the hit New York Times column, is back with Minnie Driver, Kit Harington and Sophie Okonedo. What a shame the stars don’t align

One day, Modern Love might find the one. Amazon’s anthology of standalone half-hour romantic dramas based on the New York Times column of real stories – not that it would change anything if it were fiction – feels like a format that could scrape soft barbs across your soul at any moment. Watching the second season make another eight stuttering attempts at the sublime, though, is to experience how rarely stars align.

At its best, Modern Love has emotional heft because, yes, we once felt that too. In How Do You Remember Me?, Zane Pais and Marquis Rodriguez are two guys whose one night together was ended by circumstance. Some time later, they catch sight of each other in the street. As they step closer and closer, a Rashomon-style tale of small gestures and big mistakes plays out, each of them remembering the fateful evening from their own perspective. Writer-director Andrew Rannells conveys the sweet regret of a near miss, and the way lost moments are replayed and reshaped in the mind.

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