Mel’s celebrity panel show Unforgivable is back with plenty more games, shameful stories – and comedy so naughty you can’t believed it survived the edit. Who needs Greg Davies?

One thing the last two years and counting of the pandemic has given us (which no one gives it credit for) is: a renewed love of parlour games. Everyone is down on the coronavirus, but we do have to give it that particular due. “Oh, but we couldn’t go to the supermarket … ” Yeah, but you got Zoom quizzes. “Oh, but we couldn’t see our loved ones for months on end … ” Hmm, OK, but Quiplash and Among Us filled a void. “Oh, but I lost my job and couldn’t get a haircut … ” Fine. But you had six months to sit on the floor doing jigsaws and getting too into adult board games? What is the problem, exactly? Honestly, I think some people just like moaning.

Anyway, this is a TV column, and it should behave accordingly. The second series of Mel Giedroyc: Unforgivable drops on Dave this week (10pm, Tuesday), and it feels, somehow, related. The format is thus: Mel Giedroyc sits on a throne and coaxes a revolving cast of British comedians into performing tasks and games. She has an underling who sits on a lower chair than her and they do various pre-planned skits that never quite hit, but that is sort of the charm. Katherine Ryan is in an episode, Jamali Maddix in another. Hold on. Hmm. No, it’s not Taskmaster, you’re right. But it is, isn’t it?

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