He used to sell alarms door-to-door then turned to acting, clawing up the TV ranks in grabby supporting roles. Now, as a violent sociopath in Guilt, the Scot has hit his stride as a leading man

Two brothers are driving home from a wedding slightly the worse for wear. In the middle of an argument, the car careers into an old man, killing him instantly. The older brother, played by Mark Bonnar, snaps into focus. If they call the police and admit their crime, he says, their lives will be over. However, if they do exactly what he says – move the body, drive off, forget about it – then it will be like it never happened. But can they live with themselves afterwards? Could you?

That’s how Guilt – the gripping, Hitchcockian show about their descent into more and more law-breaking – kicked off, instantly living up to its name. “I didn’t need to read any more than that,” says Bonnar, recalling his decision to take the role. “It’s an amazing opening. I went: ‘Absolutely, yes.’”

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