Feed your newfound interest in aviation commentary with these flight-sim streamers, from former newscasters to retired pilots

As most of us were hunkered down at home last Friday, Jerry Dyer braved Storm Eunice by livestreaming passenger jets landing at Heathrow Airport from the roof of his van. Dyer’s YouTube channel, Big Jet TV, became an unlikely hit, attracting more than 200,000 viewers who were gripped by the rough and tumble landings. If you now find yourself with a newfound interest in aviation commentary, good news: there exists a small but dedicated community of flight simulator streamers who bring viewers in to the cockpit.

For thrill-seekers, some of these broadcasters offer a front-row seat to the drama, tension and ultimate glory of guiding an aeroplane through turbulence or pulling off a tricky landing. For the risk averse, other streamers ride around the Aegean Islands, allowing viewers to bask in the digitised sun and hollow sea of a computer-generated Mediterranean.

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