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Weaver chairs as Suzi Ruffell and Paul Sinha field questions from the crowd, Nathan Caton riffs on lockdown with a new girlfriend and Jessica Fostekew talks no-nonsense parenting

You can’t accuse Jackie Weaver of not seizing the opportunity when a meeting of Handforth parish council, Cheshire, that she chaired via Zoom a year ago this week, became a viral sensation. She has since written a book, launched a podcast, and starred in The Archers. Live comedy was only a matter of time – and so it comes to pass with Comedians’ Council, which casts Weaver as chair and three standups as disputatious councillors fielding parochial questions from the crowd.

I encountered the event as part of the streaming platform NextUp’s coverage of the Leicester comedy festival, which runs in the east Midlands and online this month.

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