Two of their generation’s greatest actors reach new heights in this immaculate retelling of real-life murderous couple Susan and Christopher Edwards

It isn’t always the quiet ones. In fact, it’s hardly ever the quiet ones. Generally, it’s exactly the ones you expect who do exactly what they seem very likely to do. But it’s the quiet ones who draw us in, who demand closer attention, deeper digging.

All of which makes the case of Susan and Christopher Edwards – a librarian and an accountant from Dagenham, convicted in 2014 of murdering her parents, burying their bodies in the back garden and concealing the deaths for the next 15 years – catnip to anyone, including another married couple, Olivia Colman and Ed Sinclair. Colman gives a career-best performance (in a career full of them – you keep thinking she must top out eventually, but not so far) as Susan in the three-part HBO drama Landscapers (Sky Atlantic), exquisitely, tenderly and comically written by Sinclair. The project would have been almost impossible to sabotage, no matter who was cast as Chris, but we have David Thewlis, and it’s a matchless combination. Imagine two of the greatest actors of their generation being even better together than they are separately. That’s Landscapers.

Landscapers is available to stream on Stan in Australia

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