Continuing our series of exposés about the TV industry, insiders talk about being misgendered, treated like sexual predators and having to work with ‘outwardly homophobic and transphobic’ talent

‘My colleagues ignored me for a year’: what it’s really like to work in TV as a disabled person

‘He fell on my body then bit me’: what it’s really like to work in TV as a woman

Despite an increase in on-screen representation and hits such as It’s a Sin and RuPaul’s Drag Race UK, being LGBTQ+ and working in television can still be difficult. It has been described as a “cloak-and-dagger” industry where most people work freelance and therefore are often afraid to speak up about incidents of homophobia or transphobia. The discrimination and harassment that LGBTQ+ people experience is often horribly insidious; dressed up as “banter” or dismissed as ignorance.

Here, seven anonymous LGBTQ+ people who work in television, in front of and behind the camera, share their experiences.

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