Rebecca Taylor talks about her sensational second album as Self Esteem, Prioritise Pleasure, voted best of the year by Guardian critics

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Prioritise Pleasure is the Guardian’s album of the year. How do you feel?
It’s fucking cool, innit [laughs loudly]. My PR told me at my gig in Manchester and then just walked off, like the ultimate mic drop. Also, I’ve done the double as well, with the single of the year. Amazing.

Did you expect the album to break through in the way it has?
No. I’d absolutely made my peace with being told I’m underrated. But I also don’t feel like things have massively changed – I still feel like I will be fighting for ever. But I get my own Travelodge room [on tour] now and – I’m not joking – that’s bliss to me. Before I was always sharing.

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