David Bowie was a gent, Naomi Campbell was a revelation and Virgil Abloh was hauntingly prophetic. The great portrait photographer Anton Corbijn relives five of his best shoots

Anton Corbijn, speaking from his home in Kenya, holds a fried sardine between his fingers and positions it tantalisingly in front of his Zoom camera. “I’m sorry,” he says, “but somebody put these next to me and they smelled so good I had to take a bite.”

Fried fish notwithstanding, Corbijn lives a “healthy life” in Africa and the distance to Europe hasn’t interfered with his work. His latest exhibition – which can be seen at his studio in the Hague and online at de-pury.com – positions him as a portrait photographer across a wide range of stars and subjects. Is this because the man behind some of music’s most famous images, from Joy Division to U2, is frustrated at being pigeonholed?

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