The Coventry native is returning home for an exhibition of sculptures referencing everyone from Mariah Carey to Mickey Mouse. Just don’t call him the new Leigh Bowery

In the basement of the Herbert Gallery in Coventry, Daniel Lismore is wearing a gown of pink chiffon and silver lame, a chainmail headdress and a full face of makeup, and wielding a glue gun over a brooch. It’s a striking scene for a Tuesday morning. But, for artist Lismore, it’s the norm. He is, as he says, a “living sculpture”.

Lismore wore something similar for his Ted talk in 2019, for a campaign for H&M in 2015, for a photo with Nigel Farage in 2016 (for this occasion he accessorised, with the word “cunt” and an arrow on his forearm), and for a selfie with the Princess Maria-Olympia of Greece posted a day after we meet. He says it typically takes abut 20 minutes to get ready and he wore the same throughout lockdown, albeit with “a big pair of slippers”.

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