Glasgow-based choreographer Mele Broomes’ intelligence stands out amid the cascade of online dance and circus offerings from this year’s festival

Watching recorded dance on your laptop at home couldn’t be further from the Edinburgh fringe experience: the buzz on the streets, the overload of shows, the odd venues and out-there experiences. But there’s still plenty that’s out there on the digital side. You can get your fix of, say, naked experimental circus, in Race Horse Company’s O’DD for example. It’s not wholly naked, I should say: later in the solo, Rauli Dahlberg’s body wrapped in clingfilm, flipping on a trampoline is rather mesmerising.

There are more trampolines in a meditative quartet Ground Unplugged; four dancers on trampettes locked in a synchronised bounce. Or there’s Touchdown, a half-dance, half-physics lecture from Taiwan, in which Cheng Hao combines discussing the reckless and unpredictable nature of electrons with insomniac musings on the meaning of life, while seemingly peeling himself from the ceiling.

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