Artists Zorawar Sidhu and Rob Swainston have tried to make sense of a tumultuous time, highlighting everything from the pandemic to the White House insurrection

When then US president Donald Trump caught the coronavirus, Zorawar Sidhu found himself refreshing his phone for updates. Waiting anxiously for the 2020 presidential election result, he was glued to flashing screen again.

“My appetite for news had been increased,” the 36-year-old says by phone from New York. “Maybe it’s the frequency of it or the pace of how the information comes in or just how intense every morsel of information is, where the next thing is more alarming than the previous.”

We are all doomscrollers now, compulsively absorbing a constant flow of negative news with untold psychological and social consequences. Sidhu and fellow artist Rob Swainston, who marry historic printing processes with 21st century tools, have responded with works designed to make us stop and regain our footing.

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