Kyle Buchanan’s new authorised account of Mad Max: Fury Road is a detailed illustration of a challenging shoot. The author of an unauthorised tribute to the franchise reflects on another side to George Miller’s world

There are countless talking points in the new oral history of Mad Max: Fury Road. As well as Tom Hardy v Charlize Theron, we hear accounts of everything from the writing process to stunts, on-set challenges and the battle faced by the softly spoken Australian auteur George Miller to get Warner Bros to release his film in an untampered state.

“Talking points” is a salient phrase. The format of Kyle Buchanan’s book, Blood, Sweat & Chrome: The Wild and True Story of Mad Max: Fury Road, reduces the journalist’s voice to let subjects speak for themselves. This approach has obvious appeal for talent, whose views aren’t diluted by the writer’s. This is presumably a key reason the book is an authorised version of events, meaning it was made with the participation of Miller and the collaboration of his production company Kennedy Miller Mitchell.

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