In a rare interview, the Olivier award-winning dramatist discusses her new film, ear for eye, the frustratingly slow pace of progress for black film-makers – and her preference for lower-case letters

It is a busy, bright afternoon on London’s Southbank, when I meet the lower-case-preferring dramatist debbie tucker green. We’re here to discuss her latest film, ear for eye, which will premiere at the BFI’s London film festival, shortly followed by its broadcast on BBC Two. All around us is excited chatter and clinking crockery, as the festival swings into gear.

tucker green does not find that distracting. For her, tuning out industry noise has become something of a creative superpower. “It’s almost like I have to be quiet to hear what’s going on in here,” she says, tapping the side of her head with her index finger. “I have to have clarity on what’s gonna come out.”

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