The actor struggled to find shows and films that excited him so he turned to music but reveals that he’ll never say never to another X-Files reboot

In 2015, deep into an acting career that had kept him busy for the better part of three decades, the then 54-year-old David Duchovny released his first novel and his first album. His hit series Californication had just concluded after seven seasons, and while he was hardly done with acting – another, shorter-lived series, Aquarius, premiered that same year – he was in the mood to explore what else he could do. Six years on, his writing and his music aren’t so much side projects as side-by-side ones: this year, another restless surge of activity has seen Duchovny release his fourth novel, Truly Like Lightning – a knotty all-American saga of Mormonism, capitalism and the vanishing old west – and his third album, Gestureland.

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