Formed during the first Covid lockdown, Daytimers are using wild parties to change perceptions both inside south Asian communities and out

The dancefloor is rammed with people of all colours and creeds shuffling for space as the carnatic drum beat begins. At the decks, turbaned Sikh men and others in kurtas dance beside the outstretched hands of women wearing salwars, lehengas, bangles and sneakers reaching into gun fingers. A wheel-up is pulled in seconds.

This wild reaction was for a DJ set in early August by Yung Singh, who curated a lineup on the digital music platform Boiler Room with fellow members of Daytimers, a new collective of British south Asian creatives. To kick things off he played an edit made for the occasion. The sweet vocals of Panjabi MC and Sarvjeet Kaur’s Kori, a modern take on an old giddha – a type of Punjabi folk song performed by women at auspicious occasions – came first. Then entered Benga and Coki’s dubstep classic Night, which has one of the most recognisable lead melodies in contemporary electronic music. A clip of the drop went instantly viral.

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