The star of This Country will do anything for a laugh – even spoofing Kim Kardashian’s ‘break the internet’ shoot. She talks about her journey from cleaner to comedy queen

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A ripple of excitement crackles around the room as the two round cushions that will soon become Daisy May Cooper’s new bum are fluffed, plumped and preened, and then packed into her black sequined ballgown. She is about to recreate a shot from Kim Kardashian’s notorious “break the internet” photoshoot, swapping champagne for ketchup, and in a couple of minutes, she will have to work out how to stand at the correct angle for a tray of chips to balance on her bum. Fittingly, the Beyoncé/Destiny’s Child playlist that has been on shuffle throughout the day has landed on Bootylicious.

Cooper turns her head, looks down, and laughs. Her laugh is phenomenal, huge, a long, loud hoot drawn out into a throaty cackle. “Let’s just go for it!” she shouts, with a few more swear words thrown in. To say she swears like a sailor doesn’t do it justice; she swears like a naval fleet. The makeup artist rubs oil on to the tops of her arms to make them look shiny. “Fuckin’ ’ell,” she says, taking it all in, and lets out a wry chuckle. She seems utterly at home.

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