The Netflix show sees the heiress whip up ‘meals’ of glitter and gold with the likes of Kim Kardashian. But can someone really go through life without knowing what a whisk is?

Can anyone be truly baffled by chives, you wonder. Would anyone really not know what a whisk looks like? Or “a tong”? Would anyone actually rinse a turkey in bottled water? Or is it, must it all be part of the carefully curated act of idiot rich girl the presenter has been performing for the past 20 years?

All these issues and more are thrown up by watching Paris Hilton assemble basic meals – if we use the word “meal” in its loosest possible sense, to include cereal, marshmallow shapes and caviar – in her new Netflix series Cooking With Paris. “I love cooking but I’m not a trained chef,” she explains at the start. One of these things is true. But I’ll bet that Hilton, who clearly believes that edible glitter is a food group, no more loves cooking than I would love little rat dogs crapping in my handbags.

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