Was Connie Nielsen’s character pushed? Is her husband lying to her? The lead’s brilliant performances delivered the answers in the finale – although there was a clue in Eccleston’s barnet

‘You set fire to a cat,” Jo’s father tells her. Frederik is lying in bed at a Hastings care home, recalling what his now middle-aged daughter got up to during her Danish childhood. But did she? In Close to Me (Channel 4), father and daughter are unreliable witnesses. He has Alzheimer’s and she a brain trauma which means she can’t remember the previous year of her life. “It was a toy cat,” she replies. Or was it?

In the finale to this adaptation of Amanda Reynolds’ bestselling psychological novel, it is hard to be sure about anything. I’m not even certain that Jo (Connie Nielsen) and Frederik (Henning Jensen) are speaking Danish. Perhaps, it is just vaguely plausible Scandinavian noise.

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