Is anyone safe from the knife-wielding puppet in this rebooted 80s horror classic? Certainly not people who shop at New Jersey yard sales

My editor was not born when Child’s Play came out in 1988 and so looked at me blankly when I begged and pleaded with her not to make me review Chucky (Sky Max), the latest screen incarnation of Don Mancini’s possessed doll – AKA the most famously malevolent inhabitant of the uncanny valley and one that traumatised for life anyone who saw the switchblade-wielding horror (“Wanna play?”) at too tender an age.

So, here I am and here, most definitely, is Chucky once more. It’s exactly the same Good Guy doll, with exactly the same backstory – parcelled out in a flashback or two in each of the eight episodes – and the fear is real. At least for viewers of my generation. Maybe the younger folk, who don’t come trailing clouds of monstrous formative trauma and/or have been hardened by the real-life horrors of the internet, will fare better. Let me know, if you can. I’ll be behind the sofa, hyperventilating.

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