Dodgy iPhone videos, botched facts and a failed attempt to flog a pokey two-bed for £4.6m: Channel 4’s laughably overconfident salespeople looks set to be our new festive staple

Having debuted with a one-off episode between Christmas and new year 12 months ago, Britain’s Most Expensive Houses (Channel 4) is back – raising the possibility that it will become an unlikely annual festive staple, like the Royal Institution Christmas lectures or World’s Strongest Man. Come, children! Let us gather and receive an update on the luxury real estate market! God bless us, every one!

The show does offer cheer, of a sort. Because if you thought selling the nation’s priciest gaffs would require a team of intimidatingly suave and capable salespeople, Britain’s Most Expensive Houses is here to reassure you. At the very top of the estate agent industry are … just more estate agents.

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