Hooked tells the story of how addiction led Tony Hathaway to embark on a shocking crime spree. Plus: chilling catfish hit Sweet Bobby, and the rise and fall of the phone sex industry

“Let’s be clear here, I’m not saying it’s OK to rob a bank … but I found a way to justify it pretty quickly.” Tony Hathaway has spent the past three years explaining his descent from family man and Boeing design engineer to opioid addict and prolific bank robber to journalist Josh Dean. The result is a nail-biter of a podcast – Apple’s first original series not linked to a TV show – that puts a human face on the US opioid epidemic. Hannah J Davies

A Show About Animals
Convinced you can talk to your dog? Self-confessed super nerd and Vice reporter Arielle Duhaime-Ross wants to find out if we really can have conversations with animals. Cue a deep dive into the case of Koko the gorilla – who made headlines when psychologist Penny Patterson claimed Koko had learned sign language. Hollie Richardson

The podcast-to-TV boom continues apace, with Apple’s adaptation of The Shrink Next Door – based on Wondery’s hit series about a cuckoo in the nest psychiatrist who took over his patient’s life – available from today. Read our feature on the rise in podcast to TV transfers here.

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