Nicole Kidman’s ropey accent in Nine Perfect Strangers, The Morning Show’s entire second season: some of this year’s TV was so bad you just had to watch. Here are the shows we loved to hate

When a glowing Nicole Kidman first glided into shot, speaking in a Russian accent an offensive uncle might pull after a few shandies, it was clear that Nine Perfect Strangers was, actually, not so perfect. But I persevered, because this was another glossy adaptation from Lianne Moriarty – the novelist behind Big Little Lies – and it boasted a cast including Regina Hall, Michael Shannon and Melissa McCarthy. Why might enigmatic Masha (Kidman) have invited this motley crew to her Tranquillum wellness resort? Was there a supernatural twist ahead? Was she evil? Two episodes in, it attempted a big reveal – that she had been slipping guests a daily LSD cocktail – and nobody batted an eyelid because, hey, YOLO. A mindblowing finale was surely due.

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