Congratulations to the winners of the 21st Annual Writer’s Digest Short Short Story Competition!

Out of many great entries, WD editors selected the following 25 winners.

1. “The Night the Moon Cries” by JJ Lubinski

2. “Mocha” by Soo Yeon Hong

3. “Pedigree” by Suphil Lee Park

4. “A Name for Solace” by David Bender

5. “The Leavings” by Rebecca Rhoads

6. “On Patrol” by Lacey Bard

7. “The Cillín” by Karen Tinsley

8. “You Fit the Description” by A.M. Crane

9. “Night Fair” by Angelina St. Pierre

10. “Boxes” by Paul Canegaly

11. “Time to Go” by Laura Kemp

12. “The Space Between” by Kimberlee Ashby

13. “Leaving” by Bill VanPatten

14. “Reincarnation” by Jennifer Meade

15. “Occupational Hazards” by Elizabeth Holli Wood

16. “Coloring Between the Lines” by Talya Boerner

17. “Tremaux’s Algorithm” by Amy Joy

18. “Voyager” by Joe Thristino

19. “The Platoon Sergeant” by L. Burton Brender

20. “Rendezvous” by Joelle Vicari

21. “A Heap of Broken Images” by Kat Ellison

22. “No Greater Love” by BV Lawson

23. “A Time to Listen” by Calvin Clark

24. “Spot the Stations” by Pascha Sotolongo

25. “The Swimmer” by Trisha Andres

Read the Grand Prize-winning short story here.

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