Poet’s Market editor Robert Lee Brewer announces the 34th edition of Poet’s Market, the most trusted guide to getting your poetry published.

Recently, I announced the release of the 100th edition of Writer’s Market, also known as “the big book on getting published.” But I’m also excited to announce the impending release of the 34th edition of Poet’s Market!

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Whenever I start discussing the Market Books, I’m inevitably asked the million dollar question: What’s the difference between Writer’s Market and Poet’s Market? Well, it’s pretty simple: Writer’s Market is the “big book” that covers everything related to publishing, while Poet’s Market really hones in on the poetry world.

An analogy I like to make is that Writer’s Market is kind of like the Walmart of the Market Books in that it has the most overall listings and a little bit of every type of listing, while Poet’s Market is like a specialty store that doesn’t have everything under the sun, but it really does deep dive into its niche. In this case, Poet’s Market is the specialty book dedicated to getting your poetry published.

As such, this 34th edition of Poet’s Market is filled with great articles dedicated to writing and publishing poetry. It also has more poetry-specific listings than Writer’s Market including listings for contests, book publishers, and publications. If your main goal is to get your poetry published, this truly is the guide for you.

Until next we meet, keep poeming.

Robert Lee Brewer, Senior Editor

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