Yes, she’s a daffy Norwegian supercop with a dodgy accent. But Walker’s droll dialogue and womansplaining should keep you waterside for the long haul

Ever since Nicola Walker was unforgivably written out of Unforgotten, leaving Sanjeev Bhaskar with no one to moon at over the body bags, the hunt has been on to find her another job in TV’s bulging crime sector. She could have been Ted Hastings’ successor at AC-12. Or headed up the new team at CSI Islington. Or played the lead in The Cressida Dick Story.

Instead, Walker has been put on a boat in the comedy crime drama Annika (Alibi). She’s the new DI at Scotland Police’s Maritime Homicide Unit. It sounds as made up as head of bicycle crime at the LAPD, or Alexander Lukashenko’s humanitarian adviser.

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