Picking up the cheerful TV baton from Ted Lasso, this bilingual series offers a wholesome holiday to a candy-coloured 80s Mexico filled with possibility and soapy drama

Acapulco is the latest feelgood comedy-drama from Apple TV+, who appear to have looked at the steady success of Ted Lasso and decided wholesome is the way to go. The 10-episode series is loosely inspired by the 2017 film How to Be a Latin Lover, with its star Eugenio Derbez playing the role of Máximo Gallardo, a wealthy Mexican businessman living a life of luxury in present-day Malibu. But Máximo’s beginnings were humble, as he recounts to his young nephew Hugo, passing on the life lessons he learned as a young man.

From there, the action largely unfolds in flashback form. In 1984, young Máximo gets the job of his dreams at the Las Colinas luxury resort in Acapulco. This is no dark White Lotus-esque satire on wealth and privilege, however. While there are hints that the owners and boss are not quite as innocent as our bright-eyed protagonist, Acapulco is mostly about hard-working people working hard to get ahead. Máximo wants to buy his mother new glasses so she can see again, and lift his family – including capitalism-hating, metal-loving sister Sara – out of poverty.

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