For two decades, the BBC channel has delighted preschoolers and won the teary gratitude of exhausted parents. But which are its best shows?

Friday is a momentous day. CBeebies, the BBC’s dedicated channel for viewers aged six and under, will be 20 years old. There aren’t many television companies around the world that would devote an entire channel to bright, educational, inclusive output – but it isn’t until you have kids that you realise what a lifesaver CBeebies is. It is an utterly trustworthy place, full of wholesome stories and thoughtful messages. Among the wild west of YouTube and streaming platforms, it is an outpost where you know your children will always be looked after.

CBeebies has produced so much wonderful television that it is impossible to list it all, but here is a countdown of the 20 best shows from the past two decades. Happy birthday, CBeebies!

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